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Company Address: West End of Changhe Road , Jiangshan Town , Laixi City, Qingdao, Shandong Province
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About Us

About Us

Development history

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Kinger Food  development history
The company was established, with a total area of 33,000 square meters and a production workshop of 15,000 square meters, specializing in the processing of dried fruits and vegetables .

Set sail
Obtained HACCP, ISO9001 certification; was rated as the leading agricultural product processing enterprise in Qingdao.

Growing up
Become the teaching and employment practice base of Qingdao Agricultural University.

Build a new sweet potato processing workshop and start the production of roasted sweet potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, and dried sweet potatoes.

Become the designated supplier of Qingdao 2015 World Leisure Sports Conference.

Obtained BRC certification and was rated as a key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Shandong Province

Taking off 
More than 30 kinds of fruit and vegetable chips have been developed, with an annual output of 800 tons