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Pure Brightness

Pure Brightness

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2023/04/05 17:38

Qingming Festival - Introduction

Qingming is a special day, not only a solar term, but also an important festival. This is unique among the 24 solar terms.

In "The Hundred Questions of the Year", it is recorded that "when all things grow, they are clean and bright, so they are called Qingming." The Qingming season is the time when mid spring and spring intersect, and all things in heaven and earth grow, creating a clear and clean environment.

After the Qingming Festival, the temperature continues to rise and the rainfall becomes more abundant, making it a great time for spring sowing. The proverb goes, "Before and after the Qingming Festival, plant melons and order beans.".

Qingming season, winter has passed, spring is full of vitality, the weather is clear, the four fields are clear, and nature shows vitality everywhere

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