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Qingdao Jinye Food Co., Ltd.'s August 1st Army Day condolence activity

Qingdao Jinye Food Co., Ltd.'s August 1st Army Day condolence activity

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2023/08/01 17:42

August 1st Army Day

The military flag is fluttering, and the war song is resounding. Today is August 1st Army Day, and the heroic People's Army has gone through a glorious 96 year journey under the guidance of the Party.

To commemorate the Army Day on August 1st, convey the company's care for retired soldiers, and create a better atmosphere of military respect, Qingdao Jinye Food Co., Ltd. has launched a condolence activity with the theme of "never fading after discharge, always keeping the original intention", to extend holiday blessings and high respect to the retired soldiers who continue to promote the military spirit in Jinye Food.

Xia Lianhua, Chairman of Jinye Food, expresses sincere gratitude to all retired soldiers for their unwavering military spirit of "never fading after retirement, never fading after discharge". She thanks them for their contributions to the development of the enterprise and for using their diligent hands to promote high-quality development of the enterprise. She hopes that everyone can make new contributions to the enterprise and family.

Veterans have expressed that in their future work, they will continue to uphold the spirit of being a child, strictly demand themselves according to the standards of soldiers, fully leverage the fine traditions of soldiers, adhere to their original aspirations, and set an example.

History is eternal through memory, and spirit is immortal through inheritance. This event, with sincerity, care, and responsibility, not only demonstrates the spirit of dedication of the enterprise to take on social responsibility, but also brings the distance between the enterprise and its employees closer.

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