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Salute to the Most Beautiful You - Golden Leaf Food "March 8th Goddess Festival" Activity

Salute to the Most Beautiful You - Golden Leaf Food "March 8th Goddess Festival" Activity

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2024/03/08 17:44

In the afternoon of March 8th, in order to create a golden leaf "family culture", increase the festive atmosphere, stimulate the work enthusiasm of female employees, and express love and respect for female employees, Qingdao Golden Leaf Food Co., Ltd. organized the "Charming Women, Happy Women" activity.

The company presented flowers and souvenirs to female employees, and organized a variety of interesting small games. In order to allow female employees to relax and enjoy the fun brought by games and leisure time outside of work, the laughter and cheers were filled with warmth and joy.

At the end of the event, in order to recognize the advanced, set a typical example, and showcase the charm and demeanor of outstanding female employees, the company issued a certificate to the female employees who were awarded the "March 8th Red Flag Bearer" in 2024.

How beautiful the world is, how beautiful you are. Golden Leaf Food sincerely wishes all goddesses a happy holiday, eternal youth, eternal beauty, and constant happiness!

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